Friday, February 23, 2007


K-Link Kino

Japanese researchers (associated with K-Link and Kinotakara) discovered the rejuvenating power of wood vinegar from trees.
They have developed the formulation of Kinotakara packets, as the most advanced way to provide their discovery to consumers.
Kinotakara - is a new profound product for mankind. Few things in life feel this amazing.For most people, one night is all that Kinotakara needs, for them to feel this miraculous product work.

Dr. Takao Masushita, the Director of Wood Vinegar Energy Association of Japan was in Malaysia to officiate the Signing Ceremony appointing K-Link as the Sole Distributor of Kinotakara and making K-Link, the first and only company to be honored as the business partner of Wood vinegar Energy Association.

Traditionally, Kinotakara is used to help dissipate feelings of stress and nervous tension.
Today, in America and many other countries, this is a unique way to experience natural relief from everyday stress and much more.
Using advanced technology… processed wood vinegar and natural resource extracts are made into packets.The pictures below show Kinotakara, where the packet turns black, gray and brown after use.
Kinotakara placed over the sole of the foot, helps promote a sense of well being for the body, mind, and soul.
By sticking Kinotakara on the soles of the feet before going to bed, you will discover the mysteries the following day. The color of the packets will change to grayish, brownish, greenish or even black.

The picture below shows the Kinotakara packets after use.

Paste Kinotakara to the soles of the feetbefore sleeping.Upon pasting, Kinotakara's packet is white in color.
After a night's application, the packet turns moist and changes color

Before use, the packet's color is White.
After use, Kinotakara turns black, gray and brown. In some cases, it has traces of red spots.

They may contain a lot of unpleasant fluid and may emit an odor. When used continuously, for a month or two, the coloration can change into lighter tones.
Kinotakara is made from the highest quality materials; and it's the ultimate in stress reduction and revitalization products. Few things in life compare to the feeling you experience with Kinotakara. This nice, satisfying refreshed feeling with daily usage is something to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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